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Peter Overton reveals the most difficult Hollywood celebrities to interview


“I remember Bruce Willis was very, very difficult,” the Nine reporter said.

“I told him that I have great admiration for him and Demi Moore, his ex-wife, because it seems like they are a great co-parent. And he said, ‘What would you know? “And I said, ‘Well, I just did a 60 minute story actually and it really stood out.

“And he was really like, angry and you think ‘oh my gosh’, but you have to keep going.”

Peter Overton


Peter had another awkward meeting with a Hollywood star when he chatted with film star and devoted Scientologist Tom Cruise on 60 minutes before the release of War of the Worlds.

“I had to take an Introductory Scientology course at the Celebrity Center prior to the interview,” he said.

Peter Overton


“We ended up taking that sort of Scientology path and I asked him why that was a condition of the interview and I think I told him about his ex-wife Nicole Kidman and it didn’t work out. not so well.

“And he told me that I had crossed the line and resumed my good manners and I will say that I had no ill will towards Tom Cruise.”

Peter Overton, Tom Cruise


Peter retrospectively said it was a “great interview” as it made international headlines for Tom’s goofy blast.

“I actually said ‘well that was interesting’ and he said ‘it was’ and he kind of shook my hand and then he waved a little bit and he just kind of shook my hand. shook hands again and that was the end of what I left the enclosure, ”explained Peter.

“We were kind of wondering what just happened? “

Peter Overton


Peter also revealed that he accidentally butted Angelina Jolie in 2001 on the red carpet at the London premiere of his blockbuster. Lara Croft: Grave robber.

“I remember Angelina Jolie, I interviewed her twice. Fantastic woman. She didn’t have everyone around her, “he recalls.

“I was in front and center of the red carpet behind the robe and the producer said ‘when she walks by, kiss her’.”

Peter Overton, Angelina Jolie

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Peter initially objected to the Maleficent star a kiss, but the producer insisted it would be a “big moment,” prompting the presenter to finally give in.

“So, as she approached, I walked in to kiss her and just gave her a head butt. Oh, that was terrible. I can still feel the foreheads pounding!” he said.

“I said sorry and she left never to be seen again.”