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Not only India but also Hindu customs love these Hollywood actors

There is a saying that the essence of all religions is one. This is why we may be attracted to other religions besides our religion and want to know more. There have been many such Hollywood stars who when they came to India could not stop without visiting the temples here. Not so long ago, Will Smith traveled to India after the popular Oscar slapping scandal and went to visit ISKCON. Even before that, many Hollywood stars also came to India and visited the great temples.

Russell Brand – Russell Brand is a Hollywood comedian-actor. They are drawn to Hinduism. He even married according to Hindu customs. He married popular American singer Katy Perry in 2010. Although this marriage could last only 2 years.

Jackie Hung- This actor, specialized in martial arts, believes in Sanatan Dharma. When he first came to India, he stayed at a famous Shiva temple in Chennai. According to the actor, there were really good vibes. According to him, after coming to this place, his outlook on life changed completely.

Robert Downey Jr. – Has appeared in many successful Hollywood films including Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man and actor Robert Downey Jr. is a huge devotee of Lord Krishna and he follows ISKCON very strongly. Apart from that, he also has a keen interest in Buddhism.

The Beatles Group – The Beatles group was seen performing in India a long time ago. This group came to India in 1968. The group also performed at Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Math in Rishikesh. Meanwhile, footage has emerged on social media in which all of the band members are seen seated wearing garlands.

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