Loans Without Payroll: Are They Possible?

Loans without paycheck: conditions and options available

Loans without paycheck: conditions and options available

Loans without paychecks are, in theory, available to everyone, moreover, sometimes the company sends confidential invitations, sent in paper form, to selected ad hoc subjects to whom specific offers are offered with special conditions.

In general, however, these loans without paychecks necessarily require the presence of a guarantor, while it is not possible to obtain them by guaranteeing real estate.

So, to answer the question of whether you can get loans from despite not having a paycheck, the answer is yes, as long as you have a guarantor with good financial strength behind you, because unguaranteed loans are unfortunately a utopia.

Here are therefore the three formulas of personal loans that can be used, corresponding to as many offers:

  1. the Easy loan;
  2. the Jump loan;
  3. the Total Flex loan.

The Easy loan

The Easy personal loan is an example of the loans without paycheck which guarantees, to those who benefit from it, the maximum possibility of personalization : on the other hand, this formula can be combined with the Jump option, in case you need to postpone the payment of an installment, or with the Change option, if you wish to change or reduce the amount. The Easy loan is divided into four possible variations:

  • Easy Classic;
  • Easy Change;
  • Easy Jump;
  • Easy Flex.

Easy Classic is nothing more than the basic version of the loan without paycheck and does not allow you to take advantage of modification or flexibility options, providing the guarantee of an installment that cannot change and that, for the entire repayment period, it always remains the same.

Easy Change, on the other hand, allows you to add the Installment Change option, by virtue of which the installment can be reduced at no additional cost whenever you wish, for a maximum of five times: in this way, obviously, the duration of the refund is lengthened.

Easy Jump offers the Skip Installment option : in this case, you can skip the payment of an installment, always at no additional cost and whenever you wish for a maximum of five times, so that the payment itself is postponed to the end of the term.

Finally, here is Easy Flex, which offers the opportunity to combine the option Change Rate and the option Skip Rate: it combines the opportunities of Easy Change and Easy Jump, ensuring maximum flexibility.

The jump loan

The personal Jump loan allows you to simply skip an installment without having to deal with additional costs : highly appreciated among users of loans without paycheck, it allows you to avoid paying an installment once a year, in order not to more than five times during the entire funding period, totally free of charge. Here, therefore, that it becomes possible to postpone the payment to the end of the term: all you have to do is make the decision to skip the installment (jump).

The Total Flex loan

The other opportunity offered for loans without paychecks is that represented by the Total Flex loan, which consists of a totally flexible loan that can be exploited and function as the customer wishes.

This is the most suitable solution for those who need a certain versatility, having to do with objectives and projects that could presuppose changes of course: in fact, there are numerous solutions of duration and installment between which you can decide and anyone has the right to identify the reimbursement plan more in line with their preferences. A plan that can also be changed over time, always in a totally free form.

Total Flex is a very interesting solution because it allows you to skip an installment per year, postponing the payment to the end of the repayment term, or to decrease the amount of the installments, so that the plan is extended.

How to apply for the loan without paycheck

How to apply for the loan without paycheck

In order to apply for loans without paycheck, it is necessary to present, in addition to a valid identity document such as an identity card, also the tax code or the so-called service card (the regional health card) and the last tax return (as mentioned if you do not have a paycheck, you must be supported by a guarantor with good financial strength who can therefore honor the debt in the event that the applicant is unable to pay the installments).

Loans can be requested for an amount not exceeding 30 thousand USD by all residents in Italy who are 18 years of age and not older than 70 years. For foreign citizens, in addition to a valid residence permit, residence in Italy for at least one year is required.

As regards the method of disbursement and the relative timing, the agreed amount is paid very quickly, even within the day, with a check or a bank transfer.

The reimbursement, on the other hand, can be made with a bulletin to be delivered in a Sisal bookshop, in an authorized QuiPay point, in a Lottomatica point of sale or in a post office, or alternatively with automatic debit on the postal account or on the bank account.

Optional insurance coverages

Optional insurance coverages

Those who wish can also choose some insurance coverages, which are all optional, which allow to avoid the negative consequences deriving from any unexpected events. For example, you can opt for Creditor Protection insurance, which is offered in the Standard Package version and in the Plus Package version.

This policy of protection is the insured party in the event of any unforeseen events that may occur during the loan. The Standard Package, in particular, includes the Serious Illness guarantee, the Total Permanent Disability guarantee (following an illness or an accident) and the Death guarantee (regardless of the cause that caused it).

The Plus Package adds, to all those valid for the Standard Package, also the Hospitalization guarantee.


The loans without paycheck, in conclusion, have the advantage of being very versatile and of lending themselves to meet the most diverse needs in a variety of contexts. The catalog of offers is extensive, so that everyone can identify the formula that best suits their needs.

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