Gavin Davenport – Gav’s solo work.

Blair Dunlop – Blair’s solo work.

Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts – Keep in touch with Katriona & Jamie’s duo activities.

BlackBeard’s Tea Party – Tim’s Pirate-Folk Sextet.

GloryStrokes – Tom’s Heavy Metal Ceilidh band!

D’Addario UK – purveyors of fine strings, drum heads, sticks, snares & accessories.

Guitar Parts Shop – pickups and guitar accessories.

DiMarzio – electric and acoustic guitar pickups used and recommended by the albion band and many more!

Tanglewood Master Design by Michael Sanden – as used by Blair.

Fylde – Legendary UK guitar maker.

Westside Distribution – distributors of our favored drums, cymbals, effects and guitars

Kai Tonjes Stringed Instruments – German Luthiery wizard now residing in Kent. as used by Gav.