How much can I borrow with revenues of $ 4,000 net monthly?

You receive 4,000 USD in monthly net income and want to take out a mortgage? Find out how much this income allows you to borrow.

Most French people use the loan to finance their real estate project. The maximum amount that can be borrowed varies according to the debt capacity and personal contribution of each. How much can one borrow with 4,000 USD per month? Elements of answers.

The criteria taken into account by the bank

The criteria taken into account by the bank

To put the odds on your side and get favorable financing conditions, you must be aware of your borrowing capacity taking into account your income and your personal contribution.

During its analysis, the bank will calculate your debt capacity by deducting from your resources your various expenses (loans in progress, rents to pay…). Your loan term can not exceed 33% of your monthly net income. For example, if you touch 4,000 USD per month and you repay your consumer loans up to 400 USD per month, your debt capacity will be calculated on the basis of 3,600 USD. In this case, your monthly payment can not exceed 1,200 USD (3,600 X 33%).

To grant you or not a home loan, the bank will also examine your remaining living, that is to say the amount you have left after paying your monthly installment. You must be able to continue to pay current expenses during the repayment period.

To reassure the bank, show them that you know how to manage your finances and never open an account. Finally, if you have a personal contribution, do not hesitate to put this point forward during the interview with your banker.

How much can you borrow with a salary of 4,000 USD per month?

How much can you borrow with a salary of 4,000 USD per month?

The following table takes into account the costs related to home loans, including borrower insurance and the interest rate.

Duration of credit

Maximum borrowing amount

15 years

214 500 USD

20 years

270 900 USD

25 years

317 200 USD

Thus, with a monthly net income of 4,000 USD, you can borrow 214,500 USD over 15 years, 270,900 USD over 20 years and 317,200 USD over 25 years.

If you want a more accurate estimate, you can use an online mortgage simulator. This free and non-binding tool also allows you to calculate the amount of the monthly payment corresponding to the loan you want to make. In a few seconds, you can see the impact of the rate and the repayment term on the total cost of credit. Thanks to a comparator, you can then consult the offers offering the best rates on the market.

Do you want support and personalized advice? A real estate broker answers your questions and helps you find the contract that meets your expectations.

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