About The Band

The Albion Band are an English folk-rock band formed in 1971. Originally, the band was conceived, brought together and led by former Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span Bassist Ashley Hutchings and is generally considered one of the most important groups in the genre. Over the years, The Albion Band has contained or been associated with a large proportion of major English folk performers in its long and fluid history.

In 2011, for the first time in the bands history, Ashley stepped aside to let son, Blair Dunlop, lead a new generation of folk artists from a range of backgrounds in shaping a new Albion Band that went back to the band’s roots to make English rock music rooted in tradition. Since then the band has gone on the be nominated for various awards for it’s performance, both live and on the new “The Vice of The People” Album released in early 2012.

With two tours already under their belt, Blair, Gav, Katriona, Tim, Ben and Tom are going from strength to strength as they continue to carry the prestigious torch that is The Albion Band name into the next generation of English Folk Rock Music.

Ashley Hutchings said:-

“For a good number of years people have been encouraging me to re-form The Albion Band. I have resisted these calls; getting the old faces together again in a permanent kind of way didn’t seem the right thing to do.  Then, just before last Christmas, I had a Eureka moment.  The way forward was to allow a new generation to take over the baton of The Albion Band. The next day I asked my son Blair what he thought of being part of a new re-invented Albion Band.  His reply was that he couldn’t think of anything he would rather do. We were up and running.  Initially, I thought I would be some kind of Brian Wilson-figure, lurking in the background, pulling the strings. However it hasn’t turned out that way. The youngsters don’t need me and are building something new themselves.”