What salary to borrow 600 000 USD for a real estate purchase?

 Would you like to take out a loan of 600,000 USD to buy a property? Find out what income is needed to borrow this amount.

You have finally found the house or apartment of your dreams and this property costs 600 000 USD. What is the salary level required to obtain this funding? What are the criteria studied by the bank to respond to your request? Answers.

Calculate your debt ratio

Calculate your debt ratio

To know if you can borrow 600 000 USD, it is necessary above all to calculate your debt ratio. It should not exceed 33% of your income. In a simplified way, this percentage means that, to obtain financing, your salary must be at least 3 times higher than the monthly payment of the loan. However, it should be noted that this rate of 33% remains theoretical and does not meet any regulatory obligation. Indeed, banks believe that lending to a profile whose debt ratio is higher than 33% is too risky. The analysis of this risk is also based on the rest to live and the family quotient. After studying your file, the bank can therefore modulate the debt ratio up or down.

Personal contribution plays an important role in the demand for funding. It can provide a better rate and also helps to reassure the lender. The ideal personal contribution corresponds to 10% of the selling price, ie 60,000 USD for a loan of 600,000 USD. However, this sum is not essential to get a loan.

The salary needed to borrow 600,000 USD

The salary needed to borrow 600,000 USD

To know the level of salary required to contract a credit of 600 000 USD, it is necessary to determine the maximum monthly payment. In this table, it takes into account the cost of the loan.



Maximum monthly payment

Minimum monthly salary

15 years

3,578 USD

10,842 USD

20 years

2,786 USD

8,442 USD

25 years

2,358 USD

7,145 USD

Thus, to borrow 600,000 USD over 20 years, the minimum wage required is 8,442 USD per month. If you wish to borrow this amount over 25 years, you will have to prove a minimum monthly salary of 7,145 USD. In any case, the credit agency will ask you for several supporting documents, including your latest pay slips, latest tax notices and bank statements, to find out your financial situation.

Why use a real estate mortgage calculator?

Why use a <a href=real estate mortgage calculator?” />

Would you like to know the amount of your future monthly payments or your borrowing capacity? Feel free to use a free online mortgage simulator without obligation. After having filled in several information on the desired credit as well as on your personal and financial situation, you will immediately obtain the result.

The competition of banks is the surest way to get the best mortgage offer.

Loan Moto: credits to finance the purchase of various two wheels


Loan Personal Motorcycle to circulate freely

Loan Personal Motorcycle to circulate freely

A Personal Motorcycle Loan is intended to purchase a motorcycle, new or used (up to 9 years). For this vehicle, which focuses around it a community of enthusiasts, consumer credit can be a financing solution for all types of motorized two-streets.

Loan: a loan adapted to many models

The objective of consumer credit is to support and finance individual projects. The purchase of a motorcycle is certainly one of the best known, as motorcycles have helped to change the habits of enthusiasts. The industry produces many models of two-wheelers, which makes the Loan Personal Motorcycle a diversified financing.

Credits for two-wheelers: the principle of unallocated loan

Moto Personal Loan is unrestricted financing. In other words, the financial institution does not require any proof of purchase in addition to the actual documents (financial situation, name and address of the client, etc.). When the credit is the subject of a favorable opinion subject to acceptance (1), the applicant is then sent a financial offer.

A vast choice of vehicles to finance

A vast choice of vehicles to finance

Credit files concern many models of motorcycles. To each his own style. There are four main sub-families: all-terrain (trail), sports, road or custom (extended front fork). In addition to the type of body, the price of the machine will also vary according to its engine capacity (engine size). The motorcycle loan therefore adapts to the needs of each borrower.

The Motorcycle Loan

The Motorcycle Loan with Cofinco

Cofinco is a brand of the credit group, which has existed since 1951 in France. In order to allow the public to discover its motorcycle offer, the financial institution proposes a step in 3 stages, without prior and free commitment:

  • Perform an online simulation to discover the financing characteristics: monthly payments, annual percentage rate and repayment period
  • Apply for a loan online and immediately obtain a response in principle

Moto Personal Loan is a repayable loan for a new and used vehicle up to 9 years old, at a fixed annual effective rate of interest (APR) of 1.00% to 17.50% (fixed debit rate of 0.995% to 16.236 %) for an amount of $ 1,000 to $ 75,000 over a repayment period of 12 to 72 months.

Offer valid until October 23, 2019. Offer made on the basis of rates applicable over the period and subject to extension. Offer free of charge.

Offer subject to final acceptance after consideration of the supporting documents requested by Cofinco, CA Consumer Finance brand, lender.

You have a legal right of withdrawal when you subscribe your credit.

The electronic signature is offered for Personal loans, Personal Auto, Personal Motorcycle, Personal Caravan, Works and Agila Renewable Credit. It is accessible subject to informing a mobile number when you apply online, this number is required to sign electronically.

Your financing is paid into your bank account after study of your supporting documents, final acceptance of your file by the lender and after the end of the legal prohibition of making available funds.

Optional insurance underwritten by Jazi LIFE dac (Death) and Jazi NON LIFE dac (Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy, Total Temporary Incapacity of Work, Total Permanent Disability) – Insurance Companies under Irish Law – Headquarters: Beaux Lane House – Mercer Street Lower, Dublin 2, Ireland – Registered 306030 and 306027 at the Companies Registration Office – Submitted to the Control of Centrum Bank of Ireland, Green College, PO Box 9138, Dublin 2, Ireland/(Assistance), RCS Paris B 377 768 601 Tel 01 47 11 25 37 (non-surcharged number)/(additional indemnity guarantee), RCS Paris 352 358 865 tel: 01 55 92 33 00, non-surcharged number. The cost of insurance may vary depending on your personal situation.

Monthly payment break

Monthly payment break

The monthly payment break is possible every 6 months since your file is more than 3 months old, subject to the proper functioning of your credit, for a period of 1 to 2 consecutive months. The new monthly payment can lengthen the duration and increase the total cost of credit. Request to make 15 days before expiry. In case of decline, the new monthly payment must represent at least 60% of the initial monthly payment.

The Agila Renewable Credit is a credit whose contract is renewable annually and whose applicable rate depends on the portion corresponding to the amount actually borrowed. This amount is determined daily by all uses and repayments of the Borrower. The applicable rate may therefore increase or decrease depending on the portion of the credit used by the Borrower.
Offer subject to acceptance after study of the supporting documents requested by Cofinco, CA Consumer Finance brand, lender.
You can use your Agila Renewable Credit by making funds transfers within 48 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) to your bank account as soon as the legal prohibition of the provision of funds is complete.

The Agila Renewable Credit can be accompanied by an optional VISA Agila credit card. The VISA Agila card is a credit card that can be used to the credit on express choice on TPE or DAB in France or in cash by default on Internet, abroad and for the payments without contact. Cash can be arbitrated at the end of the month. In contactless mode, the maximum payment amount is $ 30; the maximum cumulative amount of successive payments is limited to $ 50. Beyond this amount, a payment transaction with a PIN must be made by the cardholder. Free the first year. Free from the second year on condition of using the card for cash or credit. Otherwise, the fees are as follows: VISA Agila card 19 $, VISA Premier Agila card 49 $. You have a legal right of withdrawal when you purchase your credit and your Agila Visa credit card.

How much can I borrow with revenues of $ 4,000 net monthly?

You receive 4,000 USD in monthly net income and want to take out a mortgage? Find out how much this income allows you to borrow.

Most French people use the loan to finance their real estate project. The maximum amount that can be borrowed varies according to the debt capacity and personal contribution of each. How much can one borrow with 4,000 USD per month? Elements of answers.

The criteria taken into account by the bank

The criteria taken into account by the bank

To put the odds on your side and get favorable financing conditions, you must be aware of your borrowing capacity taking into account your income and your personal contribution.

During its analysis, the bank will calculate your debt capacity by deducting from your resources your various expenses (loans in progress, rents to pay…). Your loan term can not exceed 33% of your monthly net income. For example, if you touch 4,000 USD per month and you repay your consumer loans up to 400 USD per month, your debt capacity will be calculated on the basis of 3,600 USD. In this case, your monthly payment can not exceed 1,200 USD (3,600 X 33%).

To grant you or not a home loan, the bank will also examine your remaining living, that is to say the amount you have left after paying your monthly installment. You must be able to continue to pay current expenses during the repayment period.

To reassure the bank, show them that you know how to manage your finances and never open an account. Finally, if you have a personal contribution, do not hesitate to put this point forward during the interview with your banker.

How much can you borrow with a salary of 4,000 USD per month?

How much can you borrow with a salary of 4,000 USD per month?

The following table takes into account the costs related to home loans, including borrower insurance and the interest rate.

Duration of credit

Maximum borrowing amount

15 years

214 500 USD

20 years

270 900 USD

25 years

317 200 USD

Thus, with a monthly net income of 4,000 USD, you can borrow 214,500 USD over 15 years, 270,900 USD over 20 years and 317,200 USD over 25 years.

If you want a more accurate estimate, you can use an online mortgage simulator. This free and non-binding tool also allows you to calculate the amount of the monthly payment corresponding to the loan you want to make. In a few seconds, you can see the impact of the rate and the repayment term on the total cost of credit. Thanks to a comparator, you can then consult the offers offering the best rates on the market.

Do you want support and personalized advice? A real estate broker answers your questions and helps you find the contract that meets your expectations.

Money loan simulator

You want to apply for a credit, but you do not know which type of credit to turn to and which financial institution to choose. If you do not want to waste your time in bank research, our loan simulator is available online and is completely free. When you use it, you do not have to go to different credit institutions to ask for interest rate information. It can also save you a lot of time because it can offer you a dozen loan offers in just 2 minutes. The offers he finds for you are already negotiated.
Banks and financial institutions in this money lending simulator can become known without having to advertise and can also attract many potential customers. We offer you to rely on this little guide that gives you all the information about lending money.

Definition of money loan

Definition of money loan

A loan of money, also called bank loan is a system that allows to have funds for the financing of different projects. Money lending is provided by a bank or credit institution to a particular person or business.
There are many types of credits on the market and you can choose the one that best suits your project, your needs and your repayment capabilities. You can, for example, choose to subscribe to a consumer loan, real estate, personal, auto, works, …
The choice is vast but remember to identify your project before applying for credit because these types of bank credits can be justified or not. You can also “turn to a fast credit online which is, as its name indicates, granted on a very short duration.

Different types of money loan

Different types of money loan

Here are the different types of credit that exist on the market:
-The personal loan is a credit that is intended for individuals and allows to finance different types of project. This credit does not require any proof of expense and these conditions are fixed. You must have a stable personal and professional situation in order to benefit from personal credit.
-The real estate loan is a loan of money that is made for the financing of real estate like the purchase of a house. The money that is made available to you from the home loan must be used for this purpose.
-The car loan is a credit granted for the purchase of a new or used car. It is also repayable over a fixed period and the amount of the reimbursement is fixed.
There are still other types of money loans we have on the market.