The Knebworth/Stevenage interlude…

Posted by Tom

So we’ve had an excellent few days in the company of Byron and Jensine listening to old records, eating Veggie lasagne, walking to Knebworth House (surprisingly rock and roll place; Wayne Manor, Sonisphere, etc) and visiting excellent music stores. We got a bit over excited and bough lots of FX pedals. Blair even bought a Lap Steel!!! Look out Megan Lovell! He’s spent the last few days playing it through Byron’s old electric mistress pedal in order that he may learn the ways of Mr David Lindley. I was most pleased as it meant that we had to listen to A LOT of Lindley and Jackson Browne albums so that Blair bight practice.

The sun has been shining for most of the time so it’s been thoroughly pleasant. The audiences and staff at Worthing, Harpenden, Wellingborough and Stevenage have all been wonderful. Off we trot to Tunbridge Wells now. Looking forward to it!


T xxx

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