Vice of the People available now!

Posted by Tim

Head over to our shop page where you can now get your hands on the brand new album! We’ve got a big ¬†box of padded envelopes ready to get them out to you and the more you buy, the quicker you help Tom and Gav reclaim their living room from the mahoosive pile of CDs that’s currently occupying it.

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  • Hello,I’m a Belgian Fan of Ashley Hutchings and Albion Band.I was very glad when I learn that a new Albion Band exist,with Blair Dunlop!Here,in Belgium,It’s impossible to find CDs…I have received the EP”Fighting Room”as gift!!It’s marvellous,splendid and I like very much….And now, I wait the complete CD,and how I can buy??
    Tank you very much,best wishes,Jean-Pierre Laret
    I have also a musical forum(but in French),where I talk about you:

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